Micaela Carballo was born in Balcarce, Bs As, Argentina, in 1988. She began her music/piano studies at the age of 6 and she studied piano-based Basic Musical Training at Balcarce School of Art. In 2013, she graduated as Music Composer and two years later she graduated as Choral Conductor at the University of La Plata. She awarded a full scholarship by Fundación Carolina in Spain to complete a Master’s degree in Film Scoring at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya-Barcelona).

In 2014 she toured Italy with Coro Vocal de Cámara Platense, where she participated as soprano. She played the piano in “Cuatreros” and “ELA” musical groups and she performed live music in several plays, such as “El poeta y el duende”, “La malasangre” and “La Pasión”.

Her work as composer includes different styles and musical ensembles. She started by composing choral music, such as “The melancoly dead of Oyster boy” and “Ha ka’awy”, the latter, a piece for chorus and instrumental group that she conducted and premiered in La Plata in 2013. She worked as a composer for plays for Integration through Art Workshops at the Argentine Theater in La Plata and several independent plays in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and Barcelona (“Dejarse ir”, “Errantes”, “Carbono 14”, “Los inadaptados de siempre”, "Una Furia Patria", "La niña de la muñeca de trapo", the last “Paterland”, among others). Also, she composed original music for different films such as “La tulipe bleue”, “El chiquillo azul y el hombre de la luna” (Barcelona) and for one of her most accomplished works, Dubicel (Celeste Estudio Creativo, La Plata), whose music was recorded by the “Bratislava Symphony Orchestra” in 2016.

In 2018 she composed original music for different short-films, such as “Sr.”, “When the cinema was born”, “The gesture”. She is composing the music for “HB” (animation-serie), and she is working on a project called “The music for movies and series”. She won a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to compose an opera called “La voix d’argent”.

In 2019 she attended the workshop "Los Angeles Film conducting intensive" in Los Angeles, she conducted and recorded two original music projects (“HB” and “Time for nostalgia”) with the orchestra "Hollywood Studio Symphony" at Warner Bros Studios.

Currently, she is the deputy conductor of the Argentine Air Force Band and at the same time works as an instructor in the field of Audition at the ENERC Film School.

“Music for an image create something new, maybe no one will notice that it exists, because perception unites them, but it wouldn't be the same if that music wasn't there.”Micaela Carballo